Minnesota Jobs & More

Growing Minnesota’s economy

Adding the PolyMet project to the Iron Range will create more good, long-term mining jobs for Minnesotans, bring much-needed investment to help revitalize Northeastern Minnesota communities and create a significant, long-term economic boost for our entire state. Already, PolyMet is adding to the state’s economic well-being through investments, jobs and services provided by suppliers and other support businesses helping to develop the project.

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The PolyMet project will create hundreds of Minnesota jobs and generate millions in tax revenue for Minnesota schools.

Jobs for Minnesota workers

  • Two million construction hours
  • 360 full-time mining jobs in operations
  • 600+ related jobs*

Money for Minnesota schools

  • Millions of dollars in new tax revenues, providing funds for every school district in Minnesota
  • Increased annual financial support from a revived mining industry to help stabilize Minnesota schools

Tax dollars for Minnesota communities

  • Estimated $15 million in annual local and state tax revenue
  • Estimated $45 million in annual federal tax revenue

Moving Minnesota Mining forward

PolyMet is made up of Minnesotans and others with mining know-how and a shared commitment to doing mining right. This project can add a new chapter to the rich history of Minnesota mining, and generate large-scale and long-term state and regional economic growth.

*Projections based on NorthMet Economic Impact 2011 Update. UMD Labovitz School of Business and Economics