We’re committed. Committed to doing our project right while protecting and preserving our region. We’re excited to be part of a proven program that is enhancing shallow lakes and marshes – including basins around the region.

A couple weeks ago we formalized our partnership with Ducks Unlimited (DU) to support its Living Lakes Initiative.

Better water for ducks—and people

PolyMet and DU are enhancing wetlands and shallow lakes because they:

  • Offer food and rest stops for waterfowl in the 700-mile flyway used during spring and fall migrations.
  • Provide more than just waterfowl habitat: Aquatic plants need clear water to grow and thrive, ducks need aquatic plants for food and cover and people need clean water for recreation and drinking.
  • Serve as flood storage and large water filtration systems.

It’s working

In one enhancement project, three Minnesota shallow lakes were in such poor shape that the average water clarity was six inches or less below the water surface. These lakes were also:

  • Three times above Minnesota’s impaired waters thresh­old for nutrient loads.
  • Nearly devoid of aquatic plants.
  • Contained deep, stagnant turbid water and invasive fish.

After using temporary water level management tools installed through the Living Lakes Initiative, water clarity improved so dramatically that assess­ment crews could see the bottom of the lakes at nearly all sample locations. Vegetation also responded favorably.

See more results in DU’s Living Lakes Progress Report.

Stepping stones

DU’s Living Lakes involves coordinating:

  • Monitoring
  • Shallow wake water control structure design and construction
  • Small wetland restoration
  • Wild rice enhancement
  • Landowners interested in conserving their land
  • State and federal conservation agency partners
  • Sponsors and partners like PolyMet Mining

With other like-minded companies, we’re working with Ducks Unlimited to progress this great initiative. An initiative which has already done so much to preserve priceless habitat for waterfowl and wildlife as well as Minnesota’s rich cultural heritage of hunting and outdoor activities.

We’re excited for this initiative and will be sure to share updates during our initial three-year commitment.

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