Today we took a big step forward for our project, and here’s why.

We’ve submitted our Permit to Mine application, which is the last major permit application we’ll need to submit to build and operate Minnesota’s first copper-nickel-precious metals mine.

Watch Brad Moore, our Vice President of Environmental and Governmental Affairs, explain highlights of this Permit to Mine application:


What to know about this step

– This is actually the first Permit to Mine application ever to be filed for a copper-nickel mine in Minnesota

– Its 15,000 pages reflect data gathering, scientific studies and expert analysis

– It outlines the numerous steps of how we would:

  • Work to build and operate the mine in a safe, environmentally responsible manner
  • Meet high legal and other standards set by us and others
  • Provide bankruptcy-proof financial assurance so the state can close and reclaim the site even if, for any reason, we are unable to do so

There are three main portions of the Permit to Mine application:

  • Mine waste management and site reclamation
  • Wetlands protection and replacement, with our plans to restore, maintain and monitor wetlands (including nearby wetlands that could be indirectly affected by operations)
  • Financial assurance, which ensures that if we were to go bankrupt and couldn’t carry out the reclamation plan that’s in our mining permit, the state has appropriate financial resources for a third party to properly close, stabilize, reclaim, monitor and maintain the site so it continues to meet environmental standards.

What’s next

We’re looking forward to working with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to review and act on our permit application. (Their process will include opportunities for public input.) Our team was thorough in its work and we are confident the application is complete and sound. This will hopefully smooth the process. We hope to have all of our permits in hand and to begin building the project by late 2017.

As you likely recall, we’ve already filed the other major water- and air-related permit applications with the state.

You can follow the progress of all our permit applications on this website.

As you can tell, this is a big step, and we’re grateful for the support and patience from so many supporters. As with other steps, submitting the Permit to Mine application is geared toward bringing much-needed jobs and positive economic impact to our state.

We’ll keep you posted on other developments as we continue moving forward.

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