Slow and steady wins the race? In our case, yes.

All of us here are often asked what’s up with the permit applications for our project, which would be Minnesota’s first copper-nickel-precious metals mine.

Stockholders are wondering about their investments. Minnesotans, especially those on the Iron Range, are looking for jobs and a boost to their economy. Some are concerned about our plans for minimizing the project’s impact on the environment.

For all these individuals, here’s our answer:

“The process is being followed, and it will be very good – the best – when done.” That’s what our President and CEO Jon Cherry told the Mesabi Daily News in this article.

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton also commented on the PolyMet permitting application process within his guest column in the Mesabi Daily News Mine edition. He said: “While no final decision can be reached until the process has concluded, the project continues to make good progress through the regulatory approvals it must receive.”

If you’re interested, here is some other information on the permit application process:

The permitting agencies maintain this PolyMet permitting website. It includes this chart, which shows the status of each permit:

As you can see, each permit application is moving along through the process. Most permit applications are under review, and we’re providing additional information as requested.

We remain focused on following the process to build and operate our mine in a way that protects our water resources, air quality and human health and safety.

Also, we remain very grateful for the support and patience from so many supporters, and are working hard to bring much-needed jobs and positive economic impact to our state.

We’ll keep you posted on permit application and other developments as the process continues moving along.

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