A Star Tribune article today raised questions about whether we plan to expand operations from 32,000 tons per day to 90,000 tons per day soon after we begin operations.

Our sole focus is completing the environmental review and permitting processes for the 32,000 ton-per-day mine project described in the supplemental draft Environmental Impact Statement (SDEIS). No expansion of the project beyond the project described in the SDEIS is reasonably foreseeable.

If we were to seek to expand, it would be subject to additional environmental review. We have not conducted scoping studies, pre-feasibility studies, economic analysis or engineering studies for a project beyond the 32,000 tons-per-day production rate described in the SDEIS. This process would be required before we could even begin determining whether an increased production rate would be viable.

It would take significant time and investment, and we’re not currently pursuing or even contemplating starting this process. We simply don’t have the intention, time or resources to focus on anything other than the project detailed in the SDEIS.


Next steps

We look forward to the SDEIS release on December 6 and the public comment period that follows. Check back next week for a link to the SDEIS and information on public meeting dates and times.

Thank you for your continued support as we approach this major milestone.

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