Last week I gave you a brief history of the Erie plant and former LTV Steel Mining site. Today, I’m going to tell you the top three things you should know about our plan to reuse, renovate and upgrade the former taconite-processing site.

Former Erie plant

1. We will reuse essential infrastructure.

Located just a few miles west of PolyMet’s proposed mine site, the plant site has a variety of features fundamental to mining. Things like:

  • electric substations
  • water and natural gas lines
  • tailings basin
  • office building
  • road and rail connecting to the mine site

It also includes processing buildings with hundreds of millions of dollars in equipment. We’re going to upgrade the facilities with the most modern process-control equipment and systems.

2. We will save time – and money.

Reclaiming the former LTV Mining site is a great benefit to Minnesota. Not only does it reduce capital costs since infrastructure is already in place, but it also significantly decreases the time between permit issue and operations. That means we can hire full-time workers and start mining essential metals sooner.

And the truth is, if PolyMet were not reusing the facility, it would most likely be torn down. Reusing the site lessens our environmental footprint and enables us to put more of our financial resources into other aspects of the project that ensure a safe, clean, modern operation.

3. We will improve the site.

“Always leave your site cleaner than you found it.”

It’s a principle that we, as Minnesotans who hunt, fish, camp and make our homes in the great outdoors, have grown up following. And we’re approaching the PolyMet project the same way: We’re going to leave the plant site cleaner than it is today by upgrading water treatment systems so they meet modern environmental standards.

Want to help us spread the word about the benefits of our plan to revitalize the Erie plant and former LTV Steel Mining site? Here are eight actions you can take.