The DNR is listening. Public final review period is now open.

On November 6, the proposed PolyMet copper-nickel mine project achieved its most significant step so far when state and federal agencies released the Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

What does the Final EIS say?

Basically, the Final EIS explains that PolyMet can mine and process copper, nickel and platinum group metals in a manner that:

  • Complies with strict state and federal laws
  • Protects human health and the environment
  • Creates hundreds of high-paying jobs in northern Minnesota

Some key facts about the Final EIS:

  • Culminates 10 years of intensive independent review and analysis
  • Shows that the environment will be protected while the project delivers hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars in economic benefit to the region over a sustained period of time
  • Confirms that PolyMet has done everything asked of it to ensure the project will create jobs and economic growth in an environmentally responsible way
  • Paves the way for permitting and start of construction in late 2016
  • Sets an important example for future projects as to how Minnesota can balance natural resources development, environmental protection and job creation

Now is the time to officially comment.

As the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MNDNR) says, “Public participation and input is an important part of the state and federal environmental review processes. Publication of the Final EIS … marks the start of a 30-day review period. The public may use this period to submit comments to the MNDNR on the adequacy of the document. All public comments are recorded and archived, and become part of the permanent public record of the proposed project.”

At this phase of the environmental review process, the MNDNR seeks comments that address the adequacy of the Final EIS.

Show your support for the PolyMet project and complete a letter to the MNDNR today.


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8 responses to “Submit your comments on final EIS”

  1. Jeff Christensen says:

    I am in total support of the NorthMet Project that has met or exceeds essential environmental goals. Minnesota and particularly the “Iron Range” has suffered deeply with low employment, out migration of people and a depressed commercial business climate. This Project is needed to begin a reversal of these trends and bring back vitality and hope to northern Minnesota.

  2. Lisa Goerdt says:

    This is just so exciting. I feel Polymet hast spent a lot of time and money proving that this can be a safe way to mine. I back this company 100%. Being a wife of a miner and having my husband sitting at home now because he is laid off from his job is just frustrating! They are giving me hope to bring a great job back to the area! We need this to work. This is our livelihood! Go Polymet! Keep up the great work! You have this iron ranger on your side!

  3. Paul Clusiau says:

    I am a strong supporter of PLM in Northern Minnesota. I have lived here all my life and hunted and fished here all my life. Obviously the EIS has been thoroughly done correctly. Let’s move on and start this project!!! I believe the experts who were involved in the EIS process a lot more than the tree huggers with money to throw around against the project.

  4. Jon Johnson says:

    Pass this and let’s get to work.

  5. Stanton Jorgens says:

    We need economic growth in the State of Minnesota and we need to utilize the mineral wealth of the iron range. Polymet has shown how mining much needed metals can be done safely and efficiently with minimal damage to the environment. After 10 years of study and 20 million dollars invested in it the FEIS proves conclusively not only that water used in the process, but that which is currently in containment will be cleaner than it was under the previous treatment facility. This will set the standard for environmentally safe, effient mining throughout the world.

  6. I’ve toured the plant. They will do this right along with cleaning up a mess from years ago. Let’s get this done already!

  7. Dianna Butzke says:

    Keep up the great work!! My family supports you cause you support us!!!

  8. Todd Rosati says:

    We need PolyMet up and producing. This means jobs and the well being of our local economy. The industry, as a whole, is down right now and it is suffering due to cheap, imported steel. Right now, and in the future, every job counts. And not just at the mine, but the local contractors and vendors. Mining has been a way of life on the range and will continue to be for many years if we protect these jobs. We can do this in an environmentally friendly, safe and productive way that will benefit all of the Iron Range.