Do you know someone who has a heart stent? Is diabetic? Or has had knee surgery?

The truth is, metals the proposed PolyMet project will mine are essential – not only for surgical instruments and lifesaving devices, but also for everyday things, like electricity, plumbing, hybrid cars and household appliances. In fact, without them you wouldn’t have a computer, phone or iPad to view this website.

Here are just some of the uses for the metals we’ll mine:

Going green

  • New hybrid cars contain about 121 lbs. of copper – double the amount in a new, gasoline-powered car.
  • Catalytic converters, which reduce air pollution from cars, each include nearly 1 ounce of platinum and palladium.
  • Wind turbines contain about 9,400 pounds of copper (based on a 3MW turbine), each generating enough power to supply 1,500 average homes with electricity.

wind turbine

Health care

  • Knee surgeries, which help treat the around 100,000 to 200,000 people who annually injure their ACL, require nickel.
  • Hip replacements, helping more than 285,000 Americans retain mobility, contain cobalt.
  • Stents, inserted into 600,000 Americans’ ailing hearts each year, contain cobalt.
  • Diabetes test strips, used by about 8.3 percent of the U.S. population, contain platinum.


Everyday appliances

  • Cell phones – owned by around 88 percent of Americans – contain 34 milligrams of gold, plus cobalt, copper, palladium and platinum.
  • Aircraft engines need more than 110 pounds of cobalt to take you on that vacation to Bermuda.
  • Computers today require five times more minerals, including gold, than in 1980.
  • Speakers, whether in your car or a concert hall, contain a magnet. And those magnets contain cobalt.

Want to support PolyMet Mining in producing essential metals? Here are eight actions you can take.