The April 19 Preapplication Public Information Meeting held by state regulatory agencies paves the way for PolyMet to now begin applying for permits to build and operate Minnesota’s first copper-nickel-precious metals mine. We expect to apply for these permits during the next couple of months.

The state has established a website for the PolyMet permit process, a one-stop-shop where you can get information about the permitting process, access permit applications after they’ve been submitted and learn where public meetings will be held and how you can participate in each one of them. You also can sign up to receive email updates. Sign up.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources also produced this informative timeline, which shows the key state permits and the points at which interested parties and members of the public can provide input:



Download the full timeline.


Other things to know as we move into the permitting phase:

  • The extensive work and information collected by state and federal agencies for the final Environmental Impact Statement, which was approved by the state on March 3, provides a solid foundation for our permit applications
  • We will apply for more than 20 permits, with decisions on those permits being made by different state agencies at different times
  • The permitting process allows for public involvement
  • There are still two key federal actions pending final Records of Decision for the final Environmental Impact Statement, one from the U.S. Forest Service related to the proposed land exchange, and the other from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers related to the 404 wetland permit

As always, everyone at PolyMet will continue to do everything within our control to move the project forward and keep you posted along the way. Thanks for your patient, loyal support of this new generation of mining in Minnesota.

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