Reduce, Reuse & Revitalize

Reducing our footprint

PolyMet will be built in the heart of the Iron Range – right where Minnesotans have been mining key resources for generations. We’re reusing and reclaiming the former LTV Steel Mining site near Hoyt Lakes, and putting existing facilities, equipment, roads and other mining assets back to work.

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PolyMet will use modern technology and reuse existing facilities to reduce our impact and revitalize the former LTV Steel Mining site.

A new era in mining

With the addition of PolyMet to the Range, Minnesota mining will create good, long-term jobs for Minnesotans, generate new revenues to support Minnesota schools and help revitalize Northeastern Minnesota communities.

The mining industry has undergone dramatic changes in recent years. Companies use modern methods and technology to reduce impact and reclaim land. The industry is more closely monitored through state and federal laws and regulations. Old mining sites are being reclaimed and restored, and new sites must meet modern protective environmental standards.