The PolyMet Project


The PolyMet project will develop an open-pit, copper-nickel mine in an industrial area on Northeastern Minnesota’s Iron Range. Modern mining technology makes it possible to responsibly and economically mine the state’s rich metal deposit while protecting Minnesota’s environment. The project will grow, support and diversify Minnesota’s economy while providing copper, nickel, cobalt, platinum, palladium and gold – metals used in everything from cars and computers to construction and a green economy.

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PolyMet will responsibly develop Minnesota’s copper-nickel resources while providing metals needed for everyday life and a green economy.


The project lies within Minnesota’s Mesabi Iron Range mining region, near Hoyt Lakes. We’re putting the former Erie LTV plant, equipment, roads and other assets back to work. The plant and former LTV Steel Mining site are approximately six miles from the mine site. The copper-nickel deposit is part of the Duluth Complex, one of the world’s largest undeveloped deposits of copper, nickel and precious-metals.


PolyMet Mining Corp.  is a publicly traded company developing a Minnesota copper-nickel precious-metals mine through its wholly owned subsidiary PolyMet Mining Inc., a Minnesota corporation. Our corporate office is in Toronto, Canada, with executive offices in St. Paul, Minnesota, and operational headquarters in Hoyt Lakes, Minnesota.


PolyMet is committed to the success of every aspect of our Minnesota operations – economically, socially and environmentally. Using best practices and advanced mining technologies, the project will responsibly develop our state’s natural resources to help manufacturers produce many of the things that make our lives safe, healthy, clean and comfortable. Things like solar, wind and other types of alternative energy, smartphones, high-tech medical devices, and hybrid cars.

  • Cleaning up, refurbishing and revitalizing the Erie plant makes good sense – it lessens our environmental footprint and prevents industrial sprawl. It also enables us to put more of our financial resources into other aspects of the project that ensure a safe, clean, modern operation.
  • We have worked with state and federal agencies for nearly 10 years to ensure compliance with permit conditions and protective environmental standards.
  • Water treatment technology designed in partnership with GE Water & Process Technologies and Minnesota-based Barr Engineering will remove sulfate from mining-related water to protect the state’s ecosystems and wild rice.

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